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In Memoriam

David Biggs of Biggs Consulting
in memory of Ken Dagostino Sr.
Dana Morse in memory
of Albert C. Jandris
Joseph Bowen in
memory of Jim Anderegg
Columbia Machine in memory
of our founder, Fred Neth Sr.
Billy Wauhop in Memory
of Thomas A. Holm
Michael Finch in
memory of Marvin Finch
Rick and Terri Grulke
in memory of
Jeff Wallace and Otto Stephan
Hugh & Sharon Jones in
memory of Don Jones Sr.
William Oberfield in
memory of Robert W. Oberfield
Pathfinder Systems in
memory of Jeff Wallace
Christopher and Jill Ross
in memory of J. Darwin Ross
Billy and Adella Wauhop
in memory of Tony Fizzano
James Weber in memory
of Wally Weber
Billy Wauhop in Memory of Lucas Pfeiffenberger
In Appreciation for Ray and Carol Lee by Michael D. Coots
Stephen A. Hunt in memory of Max Hunt
Gudrun Hess in memory of Hermann Hess
Donald H. Foster in memory of Herman A. Foster, Foster Bros. Inc., Islington, MA
In memory of Ray Lee and in appreciation of Carol Lee by Sam Hoehner
In memory of Henry Camosse Sr. by Henry J. Camosse Jr.
In recognition of Oneonta Block / Duke Concrete
In recognition
Kevin Cavanaugh in memory of Kevin Callahan
E.P. Henry in memory of
Mr. Jim Henry II
In memory of
Peter Janopaul, Jr.,
Graystone Block Co. Inc., Modesto, CA.,
by Bridget, Matthew, and Petra Janopaul
Jeff Nickerson in memory of
David L. Nickerson